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Exclusive Services

Procedures and products in the aesthetic world often need a medical evaluation to review risk and benefits. Because our services are administered by a nurse practitioner, each service is filtered through that medical knowledge.


Skin Care Consultation

Are you just not sure where to start? Maybe new to the aesthetic world and know what bothers you but not sure what product or service is needed to address it properly. We offer a free consultation with Heather, NP to discuss your skincare concerns. She will sit and talk with you about each of your concerns and discuss options on treatments that are best for you. This is in a no pressure environment.


Wrinkle Treatments

Neurotoxins are used to help safely treat wrinkles and fine lines with zero downtime. Facial expressions and movements are part of how we communicate, however, over time lines and wrinkles can form due to repetition and loss of skin elasticity and collagen. We can use neurotoxins to reduce the use of the muscles, thus softening and sometimes erasing these fine lines and wrinkles. If used appropriately, neurotoxins can also prevent future wrinkles from forming. 

We offer Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau, all treatments that work slightly different and can be client/injector chosen. 

These treat: forehead, between the eyes, chin, crows feet, lip lines, a gummy smile, and jaw pain related to TMJ to name a few.  Neurotoxins normally last 3-4 months on average and take less than 15 minutes to administer in the office.


Derma Fillers

Fillers are used to give the face a natural, fuller, and more youthful appearance by enhancing and/or contour the face. Our skilled nurse practitioner uses filler to identify the cause of wrinkles or saggy skin, and address them using fillers to bring back that glow of our youth, or the plumpness we always dreamed of. Fillers are used to restore the natural volume of the lips and face. For example, filling in and lifting the cheeks can pull saggy skin up and smooth it for a more youthful appearance. Fillers vary in price depending on type and location. Treatable areas include cheeks, under eyes, chin, lips, and more. Fillers can normally last 4 to 12 months depending on type and location. Filler appointments have minimal down time and take 30 minutes to an hour in office.



Microneedling can be beneficial for most skin types. This is a procedure that helps improve skin texture and tone by stimulating collagen formation. It is great to treat acne scars, pigment issues, soften fine lines, and firm the skin. This is a great treatment to complete in a series or as a stand alone treatment. Microneedling can be recommended multiple times a year depending on your specific skin concerns and can be paired with serums to help accelerate results. This procedure takes about an hour in the office, including time to numb before treatment. There is minimal discomfort but can result in mild redness and light skin peeling for a few days. We use one of the only FDA approved microneedling tools on the market. Oh, and did you know, it can also help with some stretch marks?!

Microneedling and Facial Add Ons

- Growth Factor helps to boost the procedure results at the same time of shortening the healing time.  

Rosatrol acceleration serum helps to minimize inflammation and diminish skin redness-firming acceleration serum helps boost the skin’s collagen and elastin while replenishes hydration and minimizing inflammation and damage.

- Brightening acceleration serum Helps brighten the skin while improving sunspots and hyperpigmentation issues as well as helps give the skin a beautiful glow and hydration. 

Brightening/Soothing Mask helps decrease brown spots, reduces inflammation time, restores hydration, and provides antioxidants for protection against future damage.



Hydrafacials gently exfoliate the skin, extract pores, and hydrate the skin to create an instant glow. These facials infuse peptides and antioxidant serums into the skin which maximize your glow. It can help fine lines, wrinkles, skin textures, brown spots, oily and congested skin and enlarged pores. In other words, hydrafacials are for everyone! This procedure has no downtime! This is a great procedure to schedule monthly or when desired.



Go and Glow (30 min)

Need a quick lunch time glow? Maybe for a special event or red carpet. Or do you just want to pamper yourself and look as good as you feel? This peel is for you. There is no downtime and results will have you literally glowing.

Correction Peel

This peel helps improve the appearance of texture, pores, melasma, and inflamed skin. It is a great option to rid away the damage from the sun, air pollution, skin damage, and just day to day life.   The Correction Peel procedure takes about 30 minutes with little to no downtime before you see your awesome results. The timeline normally includes looking golden the day of the peel, and most of the peeling days 3-5. You must have a consultation prior to scheduling this peel to discuss what to expect post procedure and prepping the skin prior to treatment.


Revive Brightening Peel

Who doesn’t need a little skin rejuvenating and brightening? This peel aims to target and improve stubborn and hard to treat melasma and that difficult hyperpigmented skin. It can also help even and smooth skin tone and textures. This peel has little downtime, and although east patients are different, peeling and other symptoms can last up to 10 days. This peel also comes with prescription facial products and face care to continue treatment at home. You must have a consultation prior to scheduling. 


Clarifying Peel 

This is great to help tackle pesky acne issues by clearing and drying out acne flare ups. Expect to be in the office less than 30 minutes. May likely have some redness, peeling, and the feeling of a sunburn for a few days. This is a great peel for teens and adults who suffer with acne.


Medical Grade Facials

The first step of a medical grade facial is using medical grade products to maximize your results. This 50 minute facial can be customized to meet your specific needs. A medical grade facial is a great add on for improving the health of your skin in a relaxing environment. We offer five different facials including;

Anti-aging: tightens and strengthen the appearance of saggy skin


Redness: decrease the visible signs of sensitive skin - such as rosacea 

Hydrating: targets dry skin by restoring hydration to give a smoother appearance by calming and comforting the skin 


Brightening: targets melasma, sun damage, and skin with other pigment issues to improve the skin tones


Acne: helps to clear and prevent skin from current and recurring acne breakouts


We want people to say, “Wow, What are you doing?” and not “Woah, What did they have done?”

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